Our very first client asked, "What does V.I.P. stand for?" Almost 30 years later, the answer is still the same, nothing ... but yet, everything.

The initials V.I.P. stands for no one person or any private acronym. It was simple, sounded good and we liked it.

That's the "nothing" ...

The "everything" is what we focus on each and every day ... Quality and Integrity. That is what VIP stands for.

We have a clear purpose:
"To create and maintain the built environment, helping to define the world in which we live, work and play."

To most, buildings are just that, buildings. A roof and four walls. To each and every member of VIP, they are much more.

Our delivery model is unique, we self perform the large majority of the work on each and every project, providing our clients a single source - on time, on budget approach.

We may not own the building, but we take ownership of the project. From pre-construction to final walk through, no one is more dedicated then VIP.

No two projects are the same, they are in a way, just like people.

So on your next project, choose a true partner ...

Choose Quality, Choose Integrity ... Choose VIP